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We cover all building services including Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Fire, Transportation and Sustainability Consulting.

What We Offer

We operate differently from most other building services consultancies, in that a Director is actively involved in all aspects of the project, to ensure that their vast experience and expertise is applied throughout the project.

Another unique feature of BRT Consulting is the fact that all Directors, Engineers and CAD Operators, design and document all Building Services disciplines which ensures that project coordination and management is simplified for the benefit of the client and contractor during construction. Project delivery is provided with an individual engineer overseeing the complete building services scope of works. We believe this service is unique within Australia and is a significant benefit for our clients.


Functionality, suitability, and innovation underscore our approach to mechanical and transportation design. From quick-turnaround, smaller projects to intricate, customized HVAC solutions, our designs are adept at meeting your project’s unique requirements.

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Safety is our foremost priority, seamlessly integrated into our expertise in hydraulic and fire protection engineering. We design tailored, compliant, and robust solutions, communicated with a focus on cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.


Fire Protection


Our team is dedicated to delivering seamlessly integrated electrical solutions that drive success in your 

project. Equipped to provide expertise on everything from commercial projects to complex acute care hospital and operating theatre environment to performing arts venues, we emphasize safety, innovation, and the latest advancements in electrical & communications engineering. 

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At the core of our offering is our highly customisable client advisory service. We collaborate to provide tailored advice, strategic planning, and project management expertise, ensuring a bespoke approach aligned with your unique requirements.

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The future is green, and at BRT, we not only talk the talk but walk the walk too. Sustainability must be thoroughly integrated into all projects, meeting both environmental objectives and client needs. We are adept at achieving this delicate balance.

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Our stated philosophy to “meet our clients’ needs” means we consider the short and long term needs of our client and base our design solutions on those needs rather than on other factors that may be fashionable or technically attractive.

These considerations include:

  • Simplicity and ease of operation
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Low capital and recurrent costs
  • Qualitative factors such as aesthetics, noise and drafts
  • Flexibility for future growth and change

Our Staff.

In addition, all our staff are all full-time employees, so they understand our philosophy and standards and are committed to our values and the service we provide.

We provide our clients with first class service & support

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