The ALEXANDRA DISTRICT HOSPITAL project involved the development of an integrated ESD solution for the development of the new Alexandra District Hospital. The project included the preliminary design modelling to using IES energy modelling programme to analyse the use of different glazing and construction options including reverse brick veneer for both the 12 and 24 hour operational areas. The project included the following ESD initiatives that were integrated into the architectural and services design:

• Rainwater harvesting from roof and pavement areas for WC and irrigation reuse.
• Air to air heat recovery systems for the reclaim of energy.
• Inverted fresh air to improve I.E.Q. (Indoor Environmental Quality).
• Integrated lighting control and air conditioning/ventilation controls via the Building Management System (BMS).
• Solar pre-hot water domestic hot water.
• Improved building insulation.
• Use of natural ventilation and lighting throughout the facility via roof lights and enlarged glazed windows to reduce energy and improve I.E.Q.