The LEONGATHA RESIDENTIAL AGED CARE project involved the construction of a completely new Hospital on the same site as the existing hospital while it remained operational. The Residential Aged Care Facility was completed earlier as Stage 1. The whole site services infrastructure for the Hospital including electricity, telecommunications, sewer, water, fire and gas were totally [...]

Austin Hospital Theatres


The AUSTIN HOSPITAL THEATRES project involved the design of 4 new Operating Theatres at the existing Austin Repatriation site in West Heidelberg. The theatres were designed for Orthopaedic Surgery and incorporated state of the art laminar flow hoods and sophisticated audio visual technology to assist the surgeons and also train students on and remote from site. [...]

Alexandra Hospital


The ALEXANDRA DISTRICT HOSPITAL project involved the development of the new Acute Health Care facility in Alexandra, Victoria. The facility included the 36 Acute Beds, Operating Theatre, CSSD, Support Services including Commercial Kitchen for the production of internal and external food services to the local region, Community Health, Radiology, Pathology, Administration and a co-located Ambulance Station [...]

Ballarat Cancer Centre


The Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre involved a 4 level Cancer Centre and Administration, with Wellness, Atrium, Oncology and Pharmacy. We completed a master plan review, upgraded the major hospital electrical infrastructure. The engineering systems and sustainability services provided the facility with industry leading technology, and indoor environment outcomes.

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